Kid Scoop – A Review

Product: Reluctant Reader Solution & My Kid Scoop Newsletter
Company: Kid Scoop
Price: 97$ for the Reluctant Reader Solution and a year subscription to My Kid Scoop News.
Extra Info: Full 365 day money back guarantee

My son has never been a reluctant reader. He started reading at three and half and hasn’t looked back at all. My daughter, on the other hand has no desire to learn to read whatsoever. When I was given the opportunity to review The Reluctant Reader Solution as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew I jumped on the opportunity. While this program will not teach your child to read, I thought that it would be handy to have for my daughter when she does indeed learn to read. Perhaps seeing her big brother working on the fun worksheets would inspire her to give reading a try herself (not that I’m in any huge rush for her to read but everyone seems to be anxiously awaiting the day when she’ll read as her brother was reading really early on).

As this review was in two parts, we took a look at the Reluctant Reader Solution first. This is a whole school year’s worth of captivating high interest worksheets that grab your child’s attention and teach them without making it seem like work! I chose NOT to show my son the wide variety of topics that The Reluctant Reader Solution covers because we’re trying to conserve ink and I knew that he would want to print almost all of them and do only them for school. I chose the, let Mommy choose something that fits into what we’re learning approach (which works well because you are almost sure to find something that you can tie into something you are currently learning about. I choose to give Liam the worksheets on acting (as he will be in his first play in April) and on Valentine’s Day (which nicely threw a good deal about healthy eating and fitness in there).  He quite happily completed most of the game type sheets before I even got up and was thrilled to see some of his favorites (like the “invisible bench”) in the acting worksheets. It took a little bit more prompting but he actually did the writing assignments that were included in the worksheets as well (yes, while he certainly isn’t reading resistant, Liam can be quite writing resistant). I can see us using these worksheets regularly when Liam is in need of something to do. For the most part my children are interest led learners but I am sure that with the themes included in this kit that we’ll hit on topics that are included in The Reluctant Readers Solution kit.

Here are just a few of the topic that are covered (each come with 5, 6 or 7 worksheets):

  • Kitchen Creativity
  • It’s Show Time
  • Independence Around the World
  • Gorillas
  • Clay Play
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Solar Snacks
  • Bubble Gun
  • The Maya
  • and many, many more (a whole 365 pages worth of activities in all)

There were a couple units that we would not use being Canadians but for the most part we could pick any theme and be able to go along with it. With each unit being a .pdf file that we can keep forever and use with each child as they grown and being to read the 97$US price tag in not that high.

In addition to The Reluctant Reader Solution kit we also had an opportunity to view the online Kid Scoop Newsletter. This bright vibrant newspaper was a lot of fun but we chose NOT to print it because, as I said earlier, we are conserving ink and it seemed almost a shame to print these beautiful pages in black and white. The newspaper carries a variety of material that is relation to the month that it is printed and is chalk full of engaging activities just like the worksheets. These are included in the 97$US price tag above…otherwise, I likely would not purchase them for my family but I can see how such a nice e-newspaper would be a treat for many family each month!

All in all, we enjoyed Kid Scoop and I would be happy to purchase such a product if I did indeed have a reluctant reader. I think that the topics and presentation are high interest enough that even some of the most reluctant readers would be drawn in. There were some activities that I never would have thought to try with the kids that I look forward to doing in the future. However, as my child is a strong reader who will read just about anything I found this kit to contain a lot of  “busy work” for him. It’s nice to keep him quiet for a while but not always that educational (though I REALLY do appreciate the writing prompts and will be using them with my son). This will be more of a rainy day type of activity for us as opposed to part of our curriculum. I really do think that it would be great for children that aren’t that interesting in reading so if that sounds like your child I encourage you to check out the Kid Scoop website and while you are there sign up for their free news letter. There’s lots of little freebie activities on their site as well so hop on over and take a peak!

**Any products reviewed by me as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew have been given to me free of charge in order for me to provide you with an honest review of the product and/or how we used the product within our family. I do not receive any other form of compensation for the reviews posted on this blog.

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