Mama Manuscripts was born nearly 3 years out of my desire to write. In those past three years life has changed dramatically for our family. Mama Manuscripts has also changed time and time again. It will likely change again but I won’t change so much so I’ve decided to just leave you will 100 crazy facts about me (and no, I likely won’t get all 100 written in one sitting, and no, I don’t actually expect you to read all of them, but here you go!)

  1. I am deathly afraid of butterflies and birds.
  2. I am the youngest by far of 6 children.
  3. I consider Newfoundland my home even though I only lived there for a couple years. My parents are Newfies and I consider myself a Newfie by association.
  4. I live in Cape Breton, NS which is something that I dreamed about when I was a child.
  5. I was somewhat obsessed with the Rankin Family as a teenager (hense, my dreaming about Cape Breton).
  6. Despite having lived in Cape Breton for 2 years, we have yet to visit The Red Shoe Pub (owned by Raylene Rankin out in Mabou).
  7. I would love to learn Gaelic and have wanted to for the last 15 years or so. I hope to get the opportunity soon.
  8. I have had the privileged of watching numerous babies come earth side.
  9. I not so secretly wish that it was easier to become a midwife in Canada.
  10. I drink way too much soda pop despite the fact that I have begun to find the stuff totally repulsive.
  11. My favorite ice cream flavour is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
  12. I’ve been trying to find Pineapple Crush for months.
  13. My favorite me time activity is a long bath with a book.
  14. Our house does not have a bathtub.
  15. I miss our bathtub more than anything else we left in Montreal (okay, yes, there were a couple good friends there and I do miss you just as much….okay, MORE!)
  16. I have only lit a match once in my life because I am also terrified of fire.
  17. Every time I sleep away from home I have vivid nightmares about my house burning down.
  18. I ALWAYS breathe a sign of relief when we get home to see the house still standing.
  19. Despite not enjoying living in Montreal, there was something about driving down Blvd. St. Jean that screamed HOME and gave me peace every single time.
  20. I only speak French mediocre well, but despite that fact, I was better than 98% of the English population on the leaving exam in written French in high school.
  21. I hate talking on the telephone and until I had children I avoided it like the plague.
  22. When I answer the phone most people think that they are waking me up.
  23. I have a guitar that has been sitting, untouched, in my room for three years.
  24. My dad used to play his guitar for me some evenings when he was putting me to bed. My favorite song was The Burglar Song.
  25. I play some mean Rockband.
  26. I listen to all kinds of music and quite enjoy it.
  27. I love to dance, alone in my living room.
  28. I also dance with my purebred Tonkinese.
  29. We own 5 cats and are suckers for strays.
  30. I was happiest when we only had two cats and would never, EVER have 5 again.
  31. My 3 children were born with a midwife in attendance.
  32. Two of the three were born at home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  33. I’ve studied a variety of things in CEGEP (nursing, social science, women’s studies, fine arts).
  34. I kick myself everyday for not finishing my nursing degree.
  35. I’ve worked in hospice care and feel that my calling in life is to either be with people as they are being born or as they are dying.
  36. I’d happily give birth (without drugs) once a month if I didn’t have to deal with migraine headaches.
  37. I met my husband when he was told by his boss to “take the afternoon off and find a girlfriend.”
  38. The first thing my husband said to me was “here, can you hold my frisbee?” (we were at an outdoor movie in the park and I was sitting there alone and he was looking for someone to play with and couldn’t find any of his friends from when he’d gone to school so settled for me.
  39. I must have looked really cute playing frisbee in my dress shoes and clothes.
  40. I’ve only had one boyfriend.
  41. My Mum died of cancer when I was 12 years old.
  42. It took me many years to realize/admit how much I missed her.
  43. I don’t talk to my children about grandma near as much as I should.
  44. My daughter often talks about her imaginary Grandma that comes down from the sky to do things with her.
  45. I refuse to refer to heaven as in the sky.
  46. I’ve held many different religious beliefs and have yet to really find my place.
  47. I vow to read the whole Bible on a regular basis ans only make it into Numbers before stopping.
  48. I wrote a novella when I 14.
  49. I want to get something published in my lifetime.
  50. My favorite summer was the one I spent working through an accounting book at the local second cup just for fun.
  51. I long to feel artsy so enjoy hanging out at cool cafes with the artsy and intellectual folk.
  52. There aren’t too many places like this to hang out in Cape Breton.
  53. I’m also a little bit of a hippie (but it doesn’t really show).
  54. I think I should have been born in the 1920s or the 1960s.
  55. I volunteered at a rape crisis and prevention center and was on their board of directors.
  56. I would be a professional student if I had the money.
  57. I hope to instill the love of learning in my children (though I hope that they do choose one area to focus on and get some kind of degree for their effort).
  58. I have enough uni/college credits to have graduated more than once but they aren’t in one area so I doubt I’ll ever get a diploma.
  59. There are many other things that I would love to study.
  60. I absolutely love history.
  61. I would have liked to work for the Antiques Roadshow.
  62. I also find that Glee looks like tons of fun and secretly wish I could sing and dance.
  63. I am running out of things to say about myself.
  64. I co-sleep, cloth diaper and breastfeed FOREVER.
  65. I love the smell of baking bread.
  66. There is a certain scent that I remember from my childhood that just brings me back but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is.
  67. I became an aunt when I was only 3 years old.
  68. My nephew and I grew up like siblings and fought like them, too.
  69. I loved school and spent most of my life in 3 grade combined classrooms.
  70. Even with 3 grades in a class, there were usually only like 8 or 9 students in a class.
  71. I think that it was the individual one on one time with my teachers growing up that lead me to homeschooling.
  72. I cannot imagine sending my children into a classroom where there are 20 or 30 other children.
  73. I hate schedules.
  74. I loose my bank card at LEAST once every two weeks and rarely use it.
  75. My secret indulgence is Starbucks Caramel Frappuccinos with whipped cream, please.
  76. I think we need to worry less about our weight and focus more on enjoying life. A treat from time to time won’t kill you so you might as well feel good about it.
  77. My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing, Grease, Footloose, Flashdance (see a theme?).
  78. I used to shave my head almost completely bald once a year.
  79. I wish I had a green thumb but don’t put a lot of effort into my gardens.
  80. I don’t remember much of what I learned in high school.
  81. I have no patience for greed.
  82. I always hated when people were late but since meeting my husband and having children I am rarely on time.
  83. I wish I could be on of those ladies that run but the thought exhausts me.
  84. I love nature and wish I could spend more time outside but rarely make time for it.
  85. I am noise sensitive and get really overwhelmed when it is too noisy or if there is too much motion around me.
  86. My favorite age is from newborn to 2 1/2.
  87. I’d have 12 kids if I could figure out how to take care of 5 year olds.
  88. I love to cook but I hate doing dishes.
  89. I like to grocery shop on my own but that never happens.
  90. I secretly wish to work in some 3rd world country.
  91. I always thought I would adopt/foster children and never have kids of my own.
  92. I like to start all kinds of projects but rarely finish anything.
  93. My favorite food is the Italian Wedding soup I’d eat every Friday at the hospital cafeteria doing my clinical rotation in nursing school.
  94. I hate plastic toys and would love to toss all of the ones that are taking over my house.
  95. I would happily send my children to Waldorf (or Montessori) if we had the money (yes, two very different approaches but I see the benefits in both).
  96. I would never settle anywhere if I didn’t have a family. I really enjoy seeing an area for a while and then moving on. I’m already itching to leave Cape Breton and see somewhere new.
  97. My favorite sound is rain falling on the rooftop and wind to boot. I love a good storm.
  98. When I am angry the first thing I’ll do is start cleaning. I also clean when I want to cry.
  99. I get great pleasure from throwing junk in the garbage.
  100. I am hopelessly disorganized despite the fact I regularly try to get organized.

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